When is a Mattress Not Fully Recyclable?

non-conforming unit

Mattresses seem like they are one-time-use items, but did you know 99% of all mattresses are recyclable? Even damaged and wet ones! However, there is that one percent of mattresses that are unable to be recycled. These are called non-conforming units. These units are not recyclable due to the condition of the unit that reduces […]

Let Your New Year Resolution be to Recycle your Mattress vs Landfilling it!

reuse recycle

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Does it involve recycling?  Well good news you can start your New Year’s resolution on the right foot by recycling your old mattress. And if you need an incentive to start that New Year’s Resolution on the right foot – The state of  Massachusetts in November of 2022 […]

New Year, New Tough Stuff – Your Sustainable Mattress Recycler!

tough stuff recycling

New Year, New you! From fitness routines to educational endeavors, travel plans, and diets – there’s something about a brand new year that gives us the energy of new possibilities – a blank page.  If the past few years leading up to 2023 have taught us anything it’s that at a very granular level, we […]