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At Tough Stuff Recycling, each team member plays a critical role in championing our commitment to our environmental mission. In this Employee Spotlight, we are thrilled to highlight an individual whose journey with Tough Stuff exemplifies dedication, growth, and success. 

Navigating New Challenges 

Alex first learned about Tough Stuff Recycling from Fitchburg Masis Staffing Agency. He joined the company as a company driver, but soon saw his career grow within the organization. 

“ I remember the first day I spoke to Alex when he called asking to work with our company, after a few short minutes on the call I realized that he would be a valued employee. A short time after we hired him, Alex approached us with a solution to some of our transportation concerns and was willing to step up to the plate to help us fill those needed expectations.”

Alex has since grown into the Transportation Manager role with enthusiasm and pride. I am always happy when I see employees like Alex show personal incentive to want to grow into new roles and develop new responsibilities – not settling for the status quo within a fast-growing organization like Tough Stuff Recycling. Thanks, Alex for your commitment and dedication to TSR!” – Rodney Clara – Vice President of Sales and Business Development. 

Starting as a company driver presented new challenges in learning the ropes and handling mattresses for our clients around Massachusetts. Alex tackled these challenges head-on, and his experience not only sharpened his skills but also laid the foundation for his trajectory of growth. One of his biggest challenges and successes? “Communicating with customers to ensure I can provide the best possible service,” Alex says. 

Growth Within the Company

Alex’s journey, marked by dedication and perseverance, led him to the pivotal role of Transportation Manager—a testament to his commitment and hard work. With the help of TSR’s management team, Alex found success in his new, expanded role. 

“Alex started as a driver with TSR. With knowledge and an open mind, he was the perfect fit for leading our transportation department. Alex embodies what TSR was looking for – the perfect example of leadership. Every day he shows dedication, pride in his job, and is always willing to keep learning.” – Rosemary Arteaga, Operations Manager

The responsibilities and opportunities that come with this position signify not only personal accomplishment but also a significant contribution to Tough Stuff Recycling’s operational excellence.

The Future

If Alex could do it all over again, he says he wouldn’t do anything differently.

“Every day is a learning experience with TSR,” Alex says.

In the years to come, he hopes to grow into his role with more drivers and routes. His forward-looking approach aligns with TSR’s commitment to expansion and excellence. 

At the end of the day, Alex says he feels a sense of peace and productivity knowing his work contributes to the health of the environment, and offers Massachusetts residents an option to safely and easily recycle their mattresses.

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