Frequently Asked Questions

We’re dedicated to giving used materials new life and supporting our
surrounding communities!

We’re dedicated to giving used materials new life and supporting our surrounding communities!
No. A mattress and box spring are considered 2 separate units.
Yes – but it is treated the same as a regular size mattress based on the service option you select.
No, all mattresses are priced the same depending on the service that you select. A twin is the same price as a Full, King, or Queen.
Tough Stuff Recycling does not recycle these items, but there may be an outlet to recycle them through your municipality – we encourage you to enquire with them!

Reach out to your local city hall and ask them if they have an alternative option for you to recycle your mattresses as some municipalities may have agreements with other mattress recyclers that provide mattress recycling options already in place.

You can also request your municipality to reach out to us directly to potentially provide curbside pick-up services.

Reach out to your local solid waste provider or municipality and let them know you have a mattress that is unrecyclable due to the condition-contamination and schedule a pickup for disposal. It is important to note in order for the solid waste company to dispose of a contaminated/non-conforming unit it must meet the non-conformity requirements to be acceptable and it may be at a much higher cost to dispose of than to recycle.
Yes, a mattress can be recycled with or without the fabric on it. It is still considered a unit and the price to recycle it is the same as a mattress with the fabric.
No, if you place a unit that has been taken apart to avoid recycling or paying a waste charge, your waste company will still assess a fee to pull that out of the trash to send to recycling or disposal.
Yes, you have 48 hours to cancel your order and receive a refund. This window does close 48 hours before your pickup.
No, all mattresses and/or box springs for curbside pickup must be placed at the curb and not on private property. They must be clearly visible and accessible from public roadways but also placed in a way as to not cause harm and or damage to passing vehicles.
No. We ask that you place the mattress/box spring outside visible from the street by 7am on the scheduled pickup day. This way you can go about your day, feeling great about recycling while we take care of the Tough Stuff!
Yes! If expecting inclement weather, you MUST secure your mattress(es) and/or box spring(s) in a mattress bag prior to placing them out for curbside pick-up. If you have a non-conforming unit, regardless of weather conditions, it must also be secured in a mattress bag.
Due to various local ordinances and weather factors, Tough Stuff Recycling requests that you place your mattress curbside by 7am the morning of your pickup.
Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer that service so it may be best to try another junk removal company like Junk King or Got Junk. They will provide this service at an additional cost and find a reputable recycler to make sure your mattress or box spring is recycled.

Yes! Whether Commercial or Residential, go here and follow the prompts to place your drop-off order.