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When Tashiana joined Tough Stuff Recycling, little did she know that her journey would lead her to become an integral part of the company’s success. As a Customer Service Manager, just a  few of Tashiana’s responsibilities include managing customer inquiries, internal company communications, attending conferences as a representative of TSR, and so much more… Let’s explore her journey from ambitious new recruit to a crucial figure in the company’s success. 

Tashiana’s First Few Months

Tashiana, a mother of 2, moved across the country and built a home for herself and her family in the beautiful city of Worcester, MA. After completing that arduous cross-country move, she started with Tough Stuff Recycling at our first “kick-off event” as a volunteer. At this kick-off, we had numerous attendees including city officials, members of the legislative branch, and important community leaders taking part in hearing about the vision of TSR. Her task was to give out name badges to people coming in the door and provide direction. We had nothing in the warehouse – only a few mattresses and a vision. After the event, Tashiana came on as a customer service representative – but quickly grew in her role, becoming a vital member of the sales team. 

“I always saw myself as an asset in any role that I held, but I must say, I was taken by surprise when I realized that the role that I held with Tough Stuff Recycling was so important, and that I played such a big role in the success of the company,” Tashiana says. 

She started working closely with the executive management team, contributing to the achievement of the company’s strategic priorities, sales goals, customer management, operational challenges, and facilitating teamwork with the management team.

In her role, Tashiana communicates essential information regarding mattress recycling services across a large gambit of entities across the state of Massachusetts every day. From municipalities to solid waste facilities, small and large haulers, housing associations – the list goes on and on. More importantly, she works with everyday residents who may not understand the state-wide mattress ban, let alone know what to do with an old mattress. She takes the time to understand their needs and guide them through the online scheduling process. She informs them what is acceptable and what is not. She prioritizes responses and takes one query at a time, ensuring that each customer receives the high-quality attention they deserve.

The People Behind Tough Stuff

Joining Tough Stuff Recycling prior to the company’s launch, for Tashiana, meant taking a chance. When she joined the company for the launch, she understood that she would have to make personal sacrifices – but ultimately decided to take the leap. It’s like the company took a chance on her, and she took a chance on the company, Tashiana says. 

“Being presented with such an opportunity can be something that happens once in a lifetime, so I was extremely grateful for the opportunity,” Tashiana says. “But this opportunity did come with quite a few challenges.”

One of the biggest challenges? Being so far away from home – and so far away from family.  Despite the difficulties, Tashiana embraced the opportunity and committed herself wholeheartedly to the success of the company. She took the risk because she saw Tough Stuff as a special company, and working there would mean getting the chance to work with many talented individuals. 

One of those individuals is Rodney Clara, Director of Sales and Business Development. “Rodney taught me to not be hard on myself…take my mistakes and use them as a learning tool to make me stronger in that area,” Tashiana says. 

The Voice of Tough Stuff Recycling 

Tashiana’s role expanded, over time, after Tough Stuff Recycling launched. Before she knew it, Tashiana was acting as the voice of the company. Several months ago, when she attended her first recycling convention, Tashiana found herself nervous. 

“I was so nervous to have people come by our booth and ask questions, even though I had already been with the company for over 6 months,” she recalls. 

She found her confidence in speaking about Tough Stuff Recycling and the process of mattress recycling. From that moment on, she realized the impact her voice had in representing the company to customers and stakeholders. “This was when I really realized that my voice mattered,” she says. 

Coming to Work – And Doing Good

One of Tashiana’s favorite parts about working at Tough Stuff Recycling? Knowing she’s making a real difference and helping the environment. Educating customers about the process and the various products that come from recycling a mattress makes her feel grateful for the opportunity and thankful her work does a lot of good. 

“Just sharing that little bit of information piques a customer’s interest,” she said. “At that point, they are excited to use our services and we end the conversation with a thank-you for the service that we provide.”

Working in an industry that contributes to saving the environment makes Tashiana feel both pride and joy. Knowing that she plays a part in helping, not hurting, the planet brings her a sense of fulfillment each day.

For anyone looking to find a mattress recycler, Tashiana advises asking about what happens to the remnants of the mattress after recycling. Responsible recycling should aim to reuse or repurpose as much as possible. 

Tashiana is an essential part of this company, Tough Stuff Recycling would not be what it is without the dedication, faith, and spirit Tashiana brings into her role. Tashiana has built the customer service manager role into what it is – Tough Stuff Recycling’s success is due to her being a part of this company’s amazing team of leaders. 

Vice President of Sales and Business Development – Rodney Clara

A Bright Future

Reflecting on her journey, Tashiana wouldn’t change a thing. She firmly believes that everything happens in its own time and appreciates every step of her growth.

Looking ahead, Tashiana aspires to share her knowledge of mattress recycling in an educational setting. She dreams of speaking to children in elementary schools, inspiring the next generation to care for the environment.

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