Municipal Partner Spotlight: City of Lynn

Important Recycling Numbers To Know 💡

235: The number of units recycled by the City of Lynn since the Massachusetts landfill ban went into effect in November 2022.

172: The number of aggregate pickups the City of Lynn has completed with Tough Stuff Recycling.

At Tough Stuff Recycling, we’re committed to recycling and waste diversion – but we also value our customers and their feedback. That’s why we have asked our Municipal partners to see what they think of our services and how our partnership helped them learn more about overcoming the challenges of the statewide mattress landfill ban. 

“We’ve learned a lot about what can be done with mattress materials!

An Interview With the City of Lynn

Q: How and when did you learn about the mattress landfill ban?

A: “We learned of the state-wide ban through the MassDEP around November 2021.

Q: What was your most immediate challenge when you heard your hauler would no longer accept mattresses?

A: Our immediate challenge was finding a curbside vendor and a recycling vendor.

Q: How did you learn about Tough Stuff Recycling?

A: “We first learned of TSR at a MassDEP meeting.” 

Q: What led you to start working with us to recycle your mattresses?

A:We reached out to TSR along with other vendors, but Tough Stuff Recycling was the only vendor to make contact first.”

Q: What are the benefits of mattress recycling in or for your municipality?

A: “The biggest benefit of mattress recycling is reducing the amount of materials going into the landfills.” 

Q: How did the Massachusetts Mattress landfill ban affect your community concerning curbside service and mattress disposal and now mattress recycling? 

A: “The ban caused a major spike in illegally dumped mattresses and many resident complaints. The City started giving residents the option to bring mattresses to the DPW for recycling for a fee.” 

Q: If you could take anything positive out of the Massachusetts mattress landfill ban, what would that be?  

A:We learned a lot about what can be done with mattress materials.” 

Q: How can your residents dispose of mattresses in your Municipality? Is curbside service available? Do you have drop-off locations?

A: “Residents can drop them at the DPW or contact TSR for curbside pickup.”


To learn more about how we work together with local municipalities, contact us today! 

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