Let Your New Year Resolution be to Recycle your Mattress vs Landfilling it!

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Does it involve recycling?  Well good news you can start your New Year’s resolution on the right foot by recycling your old mattress.

And if you need an incentive to start that New Year’s Resolution on the right foot – The state of  Massachusetts in November of 2022 passed a new law in Massachusetts that banned mattress disposal – providing the perfect catalyst for businesses and individuals alike to pick the sustainable option: Mattress Recycling. 

Let’s chat about the benefits of recycling.

We talked about this a bit in our last post but it’s worth repeating – each year, more than 20 million tons of mattresses are landfilled across the U.S. – This process is both financially and environmentally expensive because mattresses create a lot of airspace in landfills, are difficult to compact and can damage equipment.

It’s time to shift our perspective on mattresses – and give them a second life! When broken down, 75% of your mattress can be recycled and reused. For example, the steel inside the mattress can be recycled into new steel products. The foam in a mattress and the padded fabric covering the mattress is repurposed  as carpet padding or can be used to create new insulation materials. The Wood can become Mulch or be sent to energy plants to create electricity for homes. 

Recycling mattresses is a much better fit for the environment, for the economy, and for the municipal waste management systems. It’s a win-win!

Now, what about the process of recycling mattresses…What’s that all about?  

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The Three R’s. When we as a society dedicate time and effort to recycling as much as we can, we can do our part to help conserve energy, reduce pollution, reduce greenhouse gasses, and better conserve natural resources. Long story short: recycling is much better for the environment than simply throwing something away. 

Mattress disposal doesn’t have to be difficult! Recycling your mattress is just one part of the greater equation – and it’s not as small of a part as you might think. 

So instead of letting your mattress waste away in a landfill (which is no longer legal!), we can help revitalize the building blocks of each mattress. You can sleep easy on your new mattress knowing that your old one has been transformed with a new purpose and new life!


Did you know that recycling your mattress can positively impact the community? 

Having an option to recycle your mattress at a low cost prevents illegal dumping in communities across the country.  

Recycling programs like ours can provide dozens of jobs for every 10,000 mattresses recycled. Our people are the backbone of our organization, and they show up each morning bright and early to help give your old mattresses a second chance at life. Tough Stuff Recycling gives mattresses and box springs a new lease on life through extensive experience, technology and efficient operations. The process is beneficial for people in Massachusetts – and for the environment. 

Let’s get down to it. 

So now you know! While recycling a mattress may be much more technical than most people expect, it’s just as essential as recycling your plastic or glass. 

Now that you’re armed with all of the WHYs a person should recycle, you’re probably thinking about the HOW. If you’ve ever handled a mattress before, you know that it can be bulky, heavy and difficult to move. Not only do these qualities make mattresses challenging to handle at a landfill, but it also makes it difficult for YOU to handle transporting them to a recycling center. Enter Tough Stuff Recycling!! We have affordable curbside pick-up options for Massachusetts residents – all you need to do is schedule your appointment and get the mattress and box springs to the curb! Done and done. ?

Head to our website to learn more about all of our programs and reach out with any questions or just to chat about how we can work together to build a more sustainable community! 

PS. While you’re at it, enter your zip code to see if your municipality is participating in our subsidy program!

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