Municipal Partner Spotlight: The City of Beverly

Important Recycling Numbers To Know 💡

784: The number of units recycled by the City of Beverly since the Massachusetts landfill ban went into effect in November 2022.

509: The number of residential curbside pick-ups the City of Beverly has completed with Tough Stuff Recycling.

25,872: The number of cubic feet of saved landfill space as a result of the City of Beverly recycling mattresses.

Mattress Recycling Fun Facts ♻️

75% – 80%: the percentage of a mattress that is recyclable. That means when you recycle, less space is taken up in landfills, and more materials are being recycled into new products!

50%: The percentage breakdown of metal in the mattress recycling process, or the equivalent of 25 – 40 lbs of steel! 

The foam and the fabric that surrounds your mattress have a second life as carpet padding. If you ever have a chance, take a look at the padding that is hidden below your carpet, that patchwork is made up of hundreds of thousands of recycled mattresses!

We at Tough Stuff Recycling believe in recycling and waste diversion, but what’s more important is to hear what our customer thinks. So we decided to ask our Municipal customers what they thought of Tough Stuff Recycling’s services, and how our partnership helped them learn more about overcoming the challenges of the statewide mattress landfill ban. 

An Interview With Karen Milo

Q: How and when did you learn about the mattress landfill ban?

A: We first heard about the landfill ban from the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) Municipal Assistance Coordinator – Sharon Kashida.

Q: What was the most immediate challenge you faced when you heard your hauler was going to no longer accept mattresses?

A: We were very concerned that mattresses would end up illegally dumped throughout the city.

Q: How did you learn about Tough Stuff Recycling?

A: When we began looking for mattress recycling solutions, we heard about Tough Stuff Recycling through our Sustainability Director – Erina Keefe

Q: What led you to start working with us to recycle your mattresses?

A: We decided to start working with TSR for residential curbside pick-ups when we learned about the great pricing and positive reviews as a turnkey operation.

Q: What are the benefits of mattress recycling in or for your municipality?

A: We’re very pleased with the reduction of materials entering our local landfills.

Q: How did the Massachusetts mattress landfill ban affect your community, and what has been your experience since initiating new mattress disposal solutions?

A: We have found that the program is great for homeowners! However, we would like to encourage landlords to address mattress disposal procedures and fees in lease agreements for their tenants. Doing this would spread awareness of the ban and best practices for mattress disposal.

Q: If you could take anything positive out of the Massachusetts mattress landfill ban, what would that be?  

A: Because of the ban, we as a community have learned the proper method of mattress disposal, as well as just how much of it can be recycled into new materials.

Kind Words

Tashiana Woodie is awesome!!! She is always responsive and thorough regarding any matter.”

To learn more about how we work together with local municipalities, contact us today! 

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